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Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be the go-to source for in-depth knowledge and analysis of platform ecosystems, enabling readers to understand and navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape. We aim to provide valuable insights and resources for businesses, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to thrive in the platform economy.


Platform Revolution was founded in 2020 with a vision to be at the forefront of understanding and uncovering the transformative power of platforms. We recognized the rise of platforms as a major disruptive force that was reshaping industries worldwide. We set out to create a platform ourselves – a virtual hub of knowledge and expertise in the field.


Jorge Lowe, an acclaimed entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, is the driving force behind Platform Revolution. With years of experience in launching and scaling successful digital businesses, Jorge saw the immense value in understanding and harnessing platform dynamics. He assembled a team of experts who shared his passion for exploring the intricacies of platform ecosystems.

Website Creation

Platform Revolution was born out of a realization that there was a lack of comprehensive resources on platform economics available to businesses and individuals. Existing publications often failed to provide rigorous analysis and actionable insights. In response, we decided to create a dedicated platform to bridge this gap. Through our website, we intended to offer an authoritative and trusted platform education resource.

Objective and Audience

Our objective is to empower individuals and businesses to navigate the complexities of platform ecosystems successfully. We strive to provide up-to-date, well-researched content that enhances the platform literacy of our audience. Our readers comprise entrepreneurs, executives, policymakers, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding or building platforms.

Unique Value

Platform Revolution sets itself apart by offering a team of experienced and highly skilled editors and contributors dedicated to curating relevant and evidence-based insights. We apply deep research and analysis to provide our audience with a holistic understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the world of platforms. By distilling complex concepts into accessible formats, our website caters to both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

Join us on this revolution and unlock the full potential of platforms. Let us be your trusted platform companion as we delve into the intricacies of this dynamic digital ecosystem.

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